About Us

   Our company was a start of 2012, but its pillars reach back many years experience. Our objective which is to provide comprehensive services to our customers, motivates us to continuous development through investment and the development of skills of our staff.

    Our drivers have many years of experience, also are in constant touch with forwarding, so that we have constant supervision over the transported cargo.

    Our core business is mutual trust and respect. We understand that time is money so we are trying to get the goods as soon as possible. Adjust to the needs and expectations of our most demanding customers.


    Further proof of the competence of our business is the fact that the company  "Dastrans" Rafal Bogacz is Certified Reliable Carrier.


    We specialize in all types of cargo transport. We transport the dangerous goods ADR. We have all the necessary licenses and documents for foreign transport , allowing us to move freely in the individual countries or special zones.


    We have no impossible things - they are only challenges that we gladly face!